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Episode 155 - Ray Burton Revisited

Episode Summary

Ray Burton, father of legendary Metallica bass player Cliff Burton, passed away on January 15th due to complications with pneumonia. He was 94 years old. Ray lived an incredibly long and fruitful life, keeping the memory and legacy of Cliff alive the entire time. Many of us got to meet Ray in our journeys to Metallica shows and he greeted every one with kindness and love. In this episode we, along with others including Metallica themselves, pay tribute to Ray Burton. We were lucky to have Ray on the podcast for our milestone 100th episode. He was as kind and generous as all the stories we heard, even sending us personalized letters after the interview. We are lucky to have called him a friend. We sure will miss him, as we're sure you all will too. We love you, Ray. Rest in peace.

Episode Notes

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