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Episode 162 - Metal Tales (Band Together '17 - Woodstock '99)

Episode Summary

Metal Tales From The Road is an ongoing series of conversations with patrons in which they tell us about a past Metallica gig they attended. We also hear unique stories about getting into the band and their journey through the years with the greatest metal band of all time. Other topics covered in this episode: rescheduled tour dates for South America, James and Kirk featured on a Mesa Boogie retrospective, a positive message from Lars and the new Metallica Monday series in which the band streams an entire show every week on their youtube channel. While on lockdown we are doing request only Quarantine Covers for Patreon. This episode features Clint's cover of "Don't Take the Money" by Bleachers. There will be two new Quarantine Covers each week. Enjoy! Metal Tales #1 (Band Together 11/09/2017) Clint spoke with Richard Goldenson about coming online with Metallica in 1985 and seeing the Ride the Lightning tour with Cliff Burton. His second show was a little over a year later when Newsted had just joined the band. Twenty years later Richard and his wife drove down to San Francisco to see the boys play a benefit show for California wildfires. We get Richard’s take on the band all these years later, the power of Hardwired, the tightness of the current live show, various signature Metallica guitars and what it’s like living in Northern California during the Coronavirus. Metal Tales #2 (Woodstock 07/24/99) Ethan is joined by long time listener and friend, Jean Frohman. Jean attended Woodstock in 1999. Mainly there to see Metallica, they were treated to incredible sets from artists like Rage Against The Machine, Sevendust, Dave Matthews Band, Jamiroquai, Jewel, Foo Fighters and many more. Jean walks us through the ins and outs of attending Woodstock '99. The lack of toilets, the heat, overpriced water, getting 2nd degree burns and even leaving a bit early before things were literally on fire!

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