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Episode 171 - 2003: A Year In the Life of Metallica

Episode Summary

We're kicking it back to our 'Year in the Life" series to dive head first into the mercurial waters of the St. Anger era. We see our last show with our beloved Bob Rock on bass, the addition of the wonderful Robert Trujillo into the Met fam, Ramones covers, the completion, promotion and release of St. Anger, MTV:ICON, filming videos at San Quentin, the US using Metallica music to torture prisoners, live debuts of Frantic, Dirty Window, St. Anger and The Unnamed Feeling, massive European and US tours (including Summer Sanitarium pt. 2), performances at the VMA's and Top of the Pops and more typical Metallica shenanigans. Say what you will about this year but it's good to see the boys back to business as usual (minus the snare drum) and dominating the world with a new album and tour. Especially after a couple of years of uncertainty surrounding the departure of Jason Newsted and Hetfield's first stint in rehab. We also talk the Blackened Whiskey boxset, the AWMH Foundation's charitable work, learning to play guitar, what 'mastering means, and we play our Quarantine Covers of "Don't You Forget About Me" and "Out of Touch." We love you! Enjoy!

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